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What We Do

WordPress Themes
Experienced for about 7 years with WordPress, we are excel at building and maintaining WordPress projects such as landing pages and e-commerce sites. We have two products on this segment, pure custom website and instant web with our existing themes. Both of them have their own advantages, and ready for personal and existing businesses alike
WordPress Plugins
We also have a passion on WordPress plugin development. Our developers are experienced on build the plugin from scratch, modifying, or creating the add-on plugins for another existing plugins like WooCommerce. Just tell us what features that you wanted to be on your existing website, and we will build the right custom plugin to make it happen
Web Applications
We develop custom web applications for startups and existing businesses alike. We are experienced in Laravel for building web applications or APIs that stable and secure for the production effectiveness. We are comfortable with development of projects ranging from a couple of weeks to dozens of man-months

How We Work

Solution Based

We synergize with clients to formulate solutions from various ideas and things that arise from the cases we faced. We discuss it and compare the case with another cases to reproduce the best solution

Effective Work

We have learned and used the right technology to develop applications and websites. We also plan the stages of each development process, to make the project runs effectively and efficient

The Solid Team

We are programmers, designers, and project managers who are experienced in producing quality products. We work in a good ecosystem, that resulting the solid and reliable performance



A web engine that trusted by the world. About 35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. This number can't be wrong


A popular web application framework among developers. With the good maintainer and the ecosystem, this framework is reliable for any web apps development project

React JS

Built and used by Facebook, this JavaScript library has built his own reputations among developers. With the current mature version, this library is a good choice to use in any WordPress or web apps projects

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